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Ionian Islands

«Spectacular islands, calm seas and great beaches»


«Beautiful coves, impressive marinas»

Virgin Islands

«Tropical escapes, idyllic bays»

Argosaronic Gulf

«Lovely coastlines, lively locations»

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Bavaria 42 Cruiser by John kenn
Bavaria 42 "Perla" from Discovery Yachting: Although not a very... read more
Hanse 470e by greg
Hanse 470e "Pandora" from Horizon Yacht Charters St. Maarten. Hanse... read more
Beneteau 44.3 by rick.
Beneteau 44.3 "Lady Sonia" from VPM Bestsail: As a 7 year old boat,... read more
Beneteau Oceanis 461 Clipper by nicklemoignan
Beneteau Oceanis 461 "Blue Planet" from SailBluePlanet. The boat was... read more
Beneteau 50.5 by urmas
Beneteau 50.5 "Catou" from company: Star Voyage. No chart plotter at... read more

Reviews of the top rated locations this week

Immaculate sea and beaches are to be found on Paxos island. read more
Corfu is a fantastic island to visit. read more
Union Island
Chatham Bay in Union island (The Grenadines) is a nice and quiet... read more
Tobago Cays
Tobago Cays archipelago is a good spot, rough nights sleep with no... read more
Bequia islands in the Windward islands is a gem!! read more


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Recent location reviews

Ionian Islands by verde
The turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea...
Sivota-Mourtos by John kenn
Sivota - you should not miss it. Stunningl...
Paxos by John kenn
Immaculate sea and beaches are to be...
Corfu by John kenn
Corfu is a fantastic island to visit.
Union Island by greg
Chatham Bay in Union island (The...

Latest yacht reviews

Bavaria 42 Cruiser
Bavaria 42 "Perla" from Discovery Yachting...
Hanse 470e - Pandora
Hanse 470e "Pandora" from Horizon Yacht...