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Ionian Islands

«Spectacular islands, calm seas and great beaches»


«Beautiful coves, impressive marinas»

Virgin Islands

«Tropical escapes, idyllic bays»

Argosaronic Gulf

«Lovely coastlines, lively locations»

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Beneteau First 45 F5 by katek
Boat very well maintained but as an inexperienced sailor I think we... read more
Bavaria 39 Cruiser by israe
The boat was fine. We had some problems with the Echo Sounder. read more
Dufour 385 by israe
A very nice Boat. read more
Dufour 34 by petran
Large cockpit which was perfect for our summer vacation. read more
Bavaria 49 by aleja
Excellent maintenance Sails very well in all conditions. read more


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Recent location reviews

Koufonissia by katek
Stunning crystal clear waters - looked lik...
Santorini by katek
Beautiful and unfortunately very quick...
Kythnos by israe
Nice quiet village with some lovely...
Paros by israe
A WOW island for youngsters. Water...
Serifos by israe
Nice quiet village with some lovely...