Recommended Areas

Ionian Islands

«Spectacular islands, calm seas and great beaches»


«Beautiful coves, impressive marinas»

Virgin Islands

«Tropical escapes, idyllic bays»

Argosaronic Gulf

«Lovely coastlines, lively locations»

Recently reviewed yachts

Ocean Star 51.2 by abolt
Too old. Not in good condition - dirty cupboards, drawers etc. read more
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 by aleja
Nice boat, very modern. Unfortunately, with very little equipment i... read more
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 by wendy
The boat was nice and in very good condition. Just know not to expec... read more
Lagoon 400 by david
Very suitable for 4 couples and our luggage. Moved well under dail... read more
Lagoon 420 by rg409
Excellent condition, very well maintained never had any problems... read more


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Recent location reviews

Paxos by abolt
Charming as always but busier than usual...
Fiskardo by abolt
Nice but a little too touristic for our...
Ithaca (Itahki) by abolt
Charming and peaceful - our bet...
Ios by wendy
Awesome spa day!
Iraklia by wendy
Lovely small town where the locals...