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Ionian Islands

«Spectacular islands, calm seas and great beaches»


«Beautiful coves, impressive marinas»

Virgin Islands

«Tropical escapes, idyllic bays»

Argosaronic Gulf

«Lovely coastlines, lively locations»

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Gib Sea 334 by exarx
The deck space is over 20 sq ft making this the largest cockpit for... read more
Beneteau 50 by p.dec
two toilets out of three caused trouble. The skipper got one repaired... read more
Beneteau Cyclades 39 by Hans
Very nice and spacious boat fully equipped and very well maintained. read more
Lagoon 380 by migue
The boat was new, had just a few weeks of use. It is a fantastic mode... read more
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 by paul
Great boat well suited to Cyclades winds and great 5 cabin spec. read more


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Recent location reviews

Schinoussa by exarx
Santorini - Folegandros - Shinousa
Crete by exarx
Do not miss Island Dia and Mirabello bay
Paxos by Hans
Galos is like a fairy tale
Corfu by Hans
Fertile green island with crystal clear...
Athens & Argo-Saronic by migue
The Saronic Gulf is not very explored in...