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Ionian Islands

«Spectacular islands, calm seas and great beaches»


«Beautiful coves, impressive marinas»

Virgin Islands

«Tropical escapes, idyllic bays»

Argosaronic Gulf

«Lovely coastlines, lively locations»

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Bavaria 40 Cruiser by vytau
The boat was in poor condition. read more
Lagoon 420 by Raz
The boat was ok, but a toilet broke (had to pay for it an extra 300... read more
Elan Impression 444 by Tony
The boat itself was of good design and in excellent condition other... read more
Bavaria 41 by acont
Old, not clean, still functional - at limit. read more
Apollo Plus 12 by ferdi
For our requirements the boat was excellent. No complains. read more


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Recent location reviews

Ionian Islands by vytau
Beautiful caves in Paxoi Island. Very...
Dodecanese by vytau
Very interesting islands and waters. Have...
Milos by Raz
Kythnos by Raz
Pretty bad beaches
Sifnos by Raz
Ordinary water, scenery, food, beaches